Streamlining existing healthcare systems

Healthcare industry has witnessed tremendous growth in the past decade and is rapidly growing everyday as per stats. The introduction of technology in the area of healthcare solutions has supported this growth and made it more functional. The software development solutions in various healthcare industries have enabled healthcare physicians, laboratories, insurance agencies and patients to be able to connect with each other much more efficiently and in a secure environment.

At Aegis, we design and develop sophisticated healthcare softwares for both web and mobile devices. Our healthcare solutions are highly customized and cater to diverse needs of various healthcare institutes. Medical software solutions are no longer limited to websites on internet; the need is to be able to transport functionality to handheld devices. Our medical software development professionals are experts in creating cost effective offshore healthcare solutions that can used with ease.

Some of the main advantages of outsource healthcare systems include:

  • Cost Effectiveness: Outsourcing to a service provider reduces your cost of setting up an in-house department including infrastructure and hiring costs.
  • Exclusive Attention: Offshore healthcare solutions providers offer a dedicated team of professionals who will work as per clients’ needs.
  • Business Intelligence: Original healthcare software solutions providing client-oriented BI solutions.
  • Rules n Regulations: Leaving development of your healthcare software to Aegis gets you guaranteed quality software system as per the marketing guidelines of FDA and HIPAA
  • HL7 Integration: All our healthcare solutions have HL7 integration connecting various healthcare modules
  • EMR/ EHR Systems: HR/EMR Healthcare Solutions maintenance system for structured records listing

At Aegis, we deliver what we commit and provide total satisfaction in all dimensions of the healthcare working system. Our premium quality service is a secure and hassle free solution to any healthcare related software systems.