HL7 Development, Solution, Messaging and Interface Engine

HL7 Integration comprises of various stages that are covered by specialists in those areas like design, development, management and support services. Aegis is your one stop spot where you will get all these services from scratch till the end of the product. After HL7 development, we not only deploy the system at our client side but also provide full post-delivery support system.

Aegisisc healthcare offers healthcare institutes freedom to customize the entire process from HL7 interface engine, HL7 messaging, HL7 development, HL7 integration as well as offshore HL7 development. Our HL7 solutions are a cost-effective solution for institutes entering into HL7 integration and also for other healthcare providers who are looking for upgrading their existing system. We offer following services for HL7 integration:

  • Communication: We facilitate complete communication between the Aegis development team and the client to create an application as per the clients’ requirements and at a fast pace.
  • Interface development and execution: We develop the application and deploy it at clients’ location to test the execution after successful execution and testing at our server.
  • Live Support: Once the system is up and running, we provide complete technical and customer support for smooth functioning of HL7 integration at client side.

Aegisisc HL7 interface engine is developed by expert professionals with prior experience in serving healthcare industry with latest customized softwares for mobiles and web. Our clients spread across the globe depend on us for any healthcare technology support. Outsource HL7 development for complete package of all services from design, development, execution, testing to support and knowledge transfer. At Aegis, offshore HL7 development solutions provide healthcare institutes with the following functionality:

  • Effective exchange of information and continuous workflow between medical applications.
  • Reduce the turn-around time with HL7 derivatives and create derivatives of HL7 Standards to meet the varying requirement of different applications.
  • Connect with applications and servers easily with our defined communication methods.
  • Modify non-standard HL7 messages by our HL7 Mapping service and remove errors.
  • Support administrative, medical and clinical processes accurately with our HL7 messaging service.
  • Interoperability of different applications with support of HL7 standards.
  • Support and improved real-time data configurations and solutions in a concise and clear manner with HL7 interface engine.

Our outsource HL7 development and offshore HL7 development team strives to provide accurate and efficient services by understanding your medical requirement and providing customized solutions as per your requirement.

For further information, please contact us at hs@aegisischealthcare.com